projects with jason

Projects with Jason (PwJ) was established by theatre arts advocate and professional stage manager J. Jason Daunter. Projects with Jason has evolved as a group of friends who continually “got the call” to volunteer on various projects with Jason through the years.  It is the spirit and tone of these events and the process of developing them that has kept people coming back for more.    

Jason’s devotion to the arts started back in high school in O’Fallon, Missouri at Fort Zumwalt North High School.  Theatre literally saved his life.  Throughout his career, Jason has led teams in the creation of some legendary benefits and unique cabaret experiences with talented collaborators including Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the American Theatre Wing, the Educational Theatre Association, and the Educational Theatre Foundation.  

By establishing Projects with Jason, the hope is that even more talented and willing collaborators will join the team to develop and support projects that will challenge the artists, focus on the collaboration, and give back to the community. 

Projects with Jason reminds us that we are all part of something larger.



Bringing together working professionals and talented students




Student performers share material from the musical theatre catalog in a cabaret setting on the internet where the students perform from their own homes. Through online technical rehearsals, the mission of PwJ is realized through coaching with team members from the professional world. Adding a professional performer to the series each week gives a different perspective, one that is both motivational and honest. 

Artists in conversation

A conversation with legendary artists discussing their career that led to notable performances onstage or on screen.  Each show includes a variety of students from all over the country.

     Tech      Table

Tech Table is an exciting online learning opportunity for technical theatre students and teachers alike. In these live streams, backstage artists interact with those who will create the theatre of tomorrow, sharing their experience, stories, and wisdom.




Cooper Miller
Virtual Cabaret Student

“One thing I will take away from this is that theatre and our craft can reach people in so many different ways and that I shouldn’t just limit myself to the stage.”

Holland Rapp
Artist in conversation Student

I felt a huge rush- just as I would have after a traditional performance. It was so fun to be back in it and really feel like we were all doing a performance again (which we were!) Even the camaraderie felt the same. As soon as one of us would get “off air” we would instantly go into a group chat that the five of us made and sung each other’s praises. It really felt like a show, even tho we weren’t all physically together on stage.

Michael Despars
Fullerton Union High School Educator; President, California Educational Theatre Association

“The experience my students had while working with the team at Projects With Jason has been nothing short of rewarding and professional. They work well with students and find ways to support their talents while at the same time giving them an authentic virtual “show” performance experience. The arts will go on and this team is finding new and innovative ways to help students be successful and experienced artists. ”

Kayla bryant
Virtual Cabaret Student

“One of my favorite moments was watching how the tech rehearsals were run and being “on deck” and “on stage” and “off stage” while never even leaving my bedroom! Technology is the new frontier and it’s crazy to think that this whole event in history is bringing people together via technology, while keeping them safely distanced from each other at home!”