Virtual Cabaret: School’s Out Summer Edition

School’s out, and the students are taking over Projects with Jason! We know that just because you’re not in classes, that doesn’t mean you’re not looking for a creative outlet, and we’ve got just the thing for you! We’re opening up Virtual Cabaret to all current and recently graduated high school students!
If you have a talent you want to record (or maybe one you’ve already recorded), we want to see it!

Send us your monologues, your vocal stylings, a modern dance piece, anything you’d like to see broadcast on Virtual Cabaret! We’ll select a few pieces each week and may even ask you to come on live for an interview!
Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on… just make sure to follow these guidelines for submissions

Things To Know:

  • Be prepared to submit your information, headshot and video at the link below.
  • Performance should be approximately 3 minutes in length
  • You will need a computer/laptop/phone with a camera and microphone to record yourself. Please record in landscape.
  • You will need a separate speaker to play your music. Try to have the speaker pointed toward the microphone of your recording device.
  • You can use a karaoke track, or a pre-recorded piano track.  If you play an instrument you are welcome to play that as well just make sure you check your sound balance.  


Submit Here

Don’t hesitate submit your performance today.















This is a Cabaret-style show so you shouldn’t be in costume as the character.  This is about showcasing you and your talent. Wear something that you feel comfortable in that looks nice and presentable. Hair and Makeup if you’d like but no need for full show makeup either. We want to see you as YOU!


Make sure that your camera is as close to eye level as possible. Cameras on the floor or lower than your face will give shots that are seemingly right up your nose. 

Have the camera on something steady that won’t be easily bumped or knocked over.


Find a room that doesn’t have a lot of echo, reverb or reflection in it. Ie. Your bedroom,  living room, a den. Try to have it as quiet as possible.

Find a good distance from the laptop, phone or tablet that you are streaming from. Ideally 3 – 4 feet away. Remember you aren’t singing to a house of hundreds or thousands, you are singing to a computer of one. Project like you are in an audition.  





Please reach out if you have any questions! 

Email PwJ







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